KHAKOON is the creative partnership by Dan Bakkes and Brendon Erasmus. The husband and wife duo from Pretoria, South Africa made the decision to create a collection of earthy decorative objects late in 2019, and the final pieces came together just before lockdown in March 2020. With their shared backgrounds in art and music, the desire to explore new audiences within each field, and the realization that the world around them was changing forever, KHAKOON emerged poised, from the perspective that 'home is the future'.


"What is home if not the first place to experience safety, freedom, and comfort. What is the future if not the cool hi-tech world we've been promised..."

In June 2020, KHAKOON launched as the official/unofficial online merch store by The Great Yawn, coinciding with the release of their second studio album 'The Waves, the Tide and the Moon'. As independent artists and musicians, the pair understand that in the current global climate, stretching the fabric (no pun intended) of their creative output is more important than ever. And while navigating two creative worlds is no simple task, the pair are driven by their mission to connect with people, by sharing beauty through the process of making.

Dan Bakkes and Brendon Erasmus