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On our continued quest to embrace nature through art and craft, we've been contemplating how the 'wild beast' that is life could be better navigated, and perhaps with a fresh perspective and some useful tools, be ‘tamed’ to the degree in which we have more time to spend with loved ones - being outdoors, playing, singing, catching a fish, picking a flower, throwing a stone, or watching the sunset. We recognize the irony of creating works for indoor display and enjoyment, but for us each work represents the ethos of taking ownership over our lives, our wild side, our freedom to explore, and serves as a reminder of the potential life has to offer beyond the comfort of our safe spaces.

KHAKOON is a creative collaboration by wife/husband duo Dan and Brendon. Launching their first body of works in 2020, their partnership however extends back a decade when they met as musicians. Apart from regularly releasing new music under the name The Great Yawn, the couple find solace in exploring the visual and decorative arts. While 2022 began with Dan relocating to the UK, the plan to release a new body of KHAKOON works and a new album remained a focus while Brendon stayed behind in SA for the time being. Initially, the desire for starting an ‘art brand’ came from the need to explore new audiences in the arts, one they hadn’t explored within the traditional art (or music) scene locally. The move abroad is further testament of their desire to explore new audiences within each field, and to continue adapting creatively with an ever changing world.

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